Jaden Smith Family Exposed YouTuber's Problematic Behavior


Marbles announced that she would quit YouTube for the time being. Jenna Marbles is the latest victim not of cancel culture, which aims to hold people accountable for their actions, but of the misogyny that - at least when it comes to YouTubers - seems to fuel it. I don't know if Shane has a team but after his series, he needed to post many make up videos using his line.

Star's early YouTube videos were mostly makeup tutorials and some videos with RuPaul's Drag Race friends like Laganja Estranja or Alyssa Edwards Star's look mellowed out around this time: The big pink wig was gone, traded in for a short, bright pixie cut; while the brows were still pink, they were a jenna marbles cancelled little more human.

Other series topics include Shane spending a day as a blind person with blind YouTuber Molly Burke. Finding out that Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson orchestrated the takedown of James Charles and manipulated Tati into uploading her video is probably the LEAST surprising news all 2020.

YouTuber Shane Dawson is taking his turn being cancelled by fans after admitting he knew Tati Westbrook was planning on posting her 45 exposé of beauty blogger giant, James Charles, and in a long and since deleted tweet declared he's 'done' with the beauty world.

Fans note that Star and Dawson both have countless old videos and content with racist behavior, but have not seen harsh punishment for it. One of Dawson's key skills has been his ability to adapt quickly to produce content people want to see. He also talked about Jeffree refusing his request that he make amends with the Black beauty community.

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